About US


Learning from each other and supporting. (Active listening, validation of lived experiences). Sharing experiences that are different and understanding. Providing space to share. Bringing in experts to share. Sharing some research and findings. (Strategies and tips: nutrition, meditation, communication, environment, and bodily changes). Community agreement (what is learned here leaves here, what is shared here stays here). The space is for the audience to lead conversations.


To create a supportive space for women to come together to share their experiences with hormonal changes in any stage of their life. In this space there will also be opportunities to learn from each other as well as from experts. Together, we will explore, be informed and challenge taboos and myths (pre-conceived notions) about this topic.


Our vision is to create an online community of women who HOLD space together during the different hormonal phases of a woman’s experience. Women of all ages will have increased access to information and expertise around this topic. We hope that this creates a better everyday experience for all women through increased self-awareness and validation from others in this community, and that they are empowered to develop resilience and wellbeing in their journey.